about | breanna

I was born and have lived in Tennessee all of my life. Being home-schooled, my exposure to, encouragement of, and experimentation in art came from my family. My grandfather’s own enthusiasm for painting quickly infected me as I saw the materials transform into a powerful mode of expression. From my poetic father and lyrical mother I inherited a love for words and music and discovered an evocative and revealing counterpart to my visual pieces. They, along with my church family, have been the greatest source of inspiration for and enrichment of my artistic eye, vision, and purpose. Added to that conceptual dialogue were my teachers and student body at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film in Nashville, TN. There I received the Commissioner’s Scholarship in 2007 and my Bachelors in Fine Art in 2011. My education helped hone my artistic language to further encourage the arts and share a visual journal of my spiritual journey. Today, I live in Smyrna with my husband, Geoff Butterworth. Together we are part of the band Paradigm Worship, in which we compose, produce, and record songs together, as well as travel to play music in countries such as England, Greece, Latvia, the U.S., Belgium, and Spain. I currently work in Nashville teaching at Whole Heart Tutorial and doing design work for Riverbirch Industries. I teach because I love to see a student, of any age, discover their individual expression, confidence, and passion for learning. On top of that I am a freelance graphic designer and children’s book illustrator.

I am curious, rooted in my faith and love for Christ, filled with quiet passion, and resolute in my dreams and goals. I am ravenous after the spices of life: art, music, language, beauty, love, knowledge, adventure, travel, God. I dream to inspire, to influence. I live to create: paint, draw, write, compose, sing. I am constantly looking for new places and ways to leave my mark on the world—if not directly, then by passing on the baton.



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